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Monday, December 12, 2016

Why Debbie’s Experience with Shawna’s Home Team was Incredibly Wonderful

“Incredibly wonderful! I have to tell you, I knew her years ago, I used to sell real estate also, and she and I worked in the same office and this is back in, I want to say, 1999 or 2000 and I always knew she was a go-getter. We parted ways, and then I ran into her several months ago and then when we decided to look for a home, kind of downsize, she was the person that I contacted. It’s just been very swell. She’s gone above and beyond, we went ahead and bought a house before we sold this one because the bank is kind of crazy and said we could do that and we were like, “No we can’t!” So we got lucky, not lucky, but Shawna got this house sold in 8 days. 8 days! And so we’re moving on Monday, we close on the house we bought tomorrow, and the new buyers of this house close on the 15th. [It’s been] nothing but excellent, [she] just always responds, and takes care of everything. She’s just fun and dependable, any question you ask she knows the answer, and if she doesn’t she gets back to you right away. She’s just very, very efficient and personable, and she’s dedicated is what she is. And that’s what you want in any kind of service.”