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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Why Working with Shawna’s Home Team was Fabulous for Mary

“Well it was fabulous. It was the second time we’ve used Shawna. We used her ten years ago when we bought the home we just sold through her again. We wouldn’t have done it twice in ten years’ time if we hadn’t had a great result with Shawna. She’s kind of an unusual person I think she does that for everyone but she always seems to anticipate ahead of time what’s going to happen next and kind of prepared us for anything that was coming our way. We had a few issues this time and it kind of made the process more difficult but Shawna and Jason went out of their way to help us walk through that so it was less of an issue for us. So I think that takes a special person to anticipate and let her clients know ahead of time so we can deal with it. “