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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Why Ray Would Sell Another Home with Shawna’s Home Team

“She’s very nice, she’s a go-getter. I told her in the very beginning, I’m in sales myself, and I said I like to communicate and she said that’s good, because so do I. She communicates with her clients. We put the, our condo, on the market, listed it with Shawna. It hit the market the day after Thanksgiving and she sold it around Christmas time. We closed January 9th. It was a smooth process, we had numerous showings and she’s great. She’s got this service via the internet, and she sends out emails, and I like this because every time there was a showing, it’s a service I guess her company provides, she sends out emails of when we’re going to have another showing. Whether it be her as the agent or another agent showing the property and then after the showing we got feedback from the customer. And I like that very well. She just worked very hard, long hours, very polite. She’s a team with her husband Jason, I guess Shawna does the selling and Jason takes over and does the administrative work and the closing. And he was with us at closing. And then Shawna even, I thought this was nice of her, I had asked her husband Jason if she could be present at closing and she did show up at the closing because I wanted to thank her very much for a job well done. She’s on the go all the time. She told us in the beginning that we had a nice piece of property and she said I think we’ll have this sold in 30 days and she was right. You know if we ever want to downsize, we were so pleased with her service that I would give her a call to sell our primary residence. So we are definitely, we are very pleased with everything that she did for us.”